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Rules & Challenges of 2020-The Game: One of the Best Adventure Board Games

2020 the game

Playing board games adds joy to life. They bring some remarkable life-changing benefits as they challenge your brain while keeping you entertained for several hours. There are many board games for teenagers and adults available online, but they all are based on the same boring concept of collecting more and more money. Sometimes, it is nice to switch up and try something new. 2020- The Game! 

2020-The Game is an authentic original board game for adults. It is one of its kind as players have to encounter different challenges. These are the real challenges that we all faced throughout the year 2020. It seems to be easy, but when you think you are leading, it all changes in the next roll of dice! The game is not limited to this, there are so many other exciting things related to it.

Players also have to collect 270 electoral votes and win the White House while navigating the challenges of the year 2020. Players have to make their way through a global pandemic, civil unrest, an international toilet paper shortage, wildfires, invasion of murder hornets, emergency lockdowns, and more!

Once you would learn how to play this game, you would definitely find it super exciting and one of the best adventure board games you have ever played. This popular board game has different content such as 35 event cards, 2 Dices to roll, and 6 Player pieces which include:

  • The Elephant
  • The Donkey
  • Covid-19
  • US Flag
  • Toilet Paper
  • The White House

This multiplayer board game can be played by a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players. It is ideal for all age groups from 13 years and up! 35 event cards make the game more exciting and interesting as you have to follow the instructions written on the event card. Drawing cards could change the whole game. Get ready to win, lose and win again!

Playing Rules For 2020-The Game 

Undoubtedly, 2020-the game is one of the best 6 player board games and has an absolutely unique concept. It is truly one of its kind of board games that you might not have played before. Just like its unique concept, this multiplayer board game has different rules and playing techniques. Follow the below instructions:

  • You must place the Game Board on the table.
  • You would need a minimum of 2 players to play this game. The number of maximum players can reach up to 6.
  • Each player has to choose a game piece and place it on the “Welcome to 2020 Start” board space.
  • Players have to keep track of their electoral votes on a Tally Sheet.
  • Players take turns rolling the dice and move their game piece the number of spaces rolled on the dice.
  • If a player lands on the “You’re in Quarantine” space or is sent to it, they MUST follow the 2020 game path downward on the board; otherwise, it is counted as 1 space, and players proceed to the next space (Maine).
  • Players have to proceed around the Perimeter of the board in a clockwise motion.
  • Do not count Pennsylvania as a space (along the perimeter) unless the player is being sent through the 2020 game path.
  • Add the number of electoral votes listed on the space the player lands on to their tally sheet.
  • If space mentions that the player has to Lose Votes, then they have to deduct that amount from their tally sheet.
  • If the player doesn’t have enough votes on their tally sheet to deduct, they must be totaled in the Negative.
  • Players have to follow the instructions for each space on which they land after the dice roll.
  • Players roll again if they Roll Doubles (an unlimited number of times).

The objective of going through all the spaces, challenges, and winning or losing votes is to become the first one to collect 270 votes to win the “WHITE HOUSE.” 

Look Back At 2020 Challenges With 2020-The Game

The year 2020 has already ended. The challenges we all faced in 2020 had a significant impact on our lives as well as mind. But we made our way through those challenges successfully. Inspired by the actual incidences and events, we have designed 2020-The Game, one of the best legacy board games.   

Roll The Dice & See What Fate Awaits You 

You need to roll the dice and move your player piece through different cities and navigate your way through different challenges, collecting as many votes as you can. These challenges include:

  • 2020 Draw A Card Space:

    If you land on 2020 Draw A Card Space, then you have to follow the directions given on the card.

  • You’re in Quarantine:

    If you land in Quarantine space or sent to Quarantine, you have to deduct 25 electoral votes from your votes tally. You also have to follow the Corona Coaster 2020 path. There are two path options in the zeroes within the 2020 path. You can choose either path to reach back onto the game board.

  • You’ve Found the Murder Hornet Next:

    If you land on this space, then you can add 25 electoral votes to your tally.

  • Shelter in Place:

    If you land on this space, then you have to lose a turn.

  • Hoarding Toilet Paper:

    If you land on this space, then you have to deduct 10 electoral votes from your tally.

  • Corona Apocalypse Lockdown:

    If you land on this space or are instructed to go to this place, you have to roll doubles to get out of it, or lose 2 turns.

  • Cat 3 Hurricane:

    If you land on this space, then you have to go back 5 spaces and draw a 2020 Card. Then you have to follow the instructions given on the 2020 Card.

  • You Forgot Your Mask:

    If you land on this space, then you have to deduct 10 electoral votes from their tally.

  • COVID 19 Vaccine:

    If you land on this space, then you have to add 10 electoral votes to your tally.

  • You’ve Got COVID:

    If you land on this space, then you have to go to the quarantine directly and deduct 25 electoral votes from your tally.

  • You Received Your Unemployment Check:

    If you land on this space, then you have to add 10 electoral votes to your tally.  

While playing 2020-The Game, one of the best adventure board games, you have to meet all the challenges that come on your way. You cannot lose sight of your goal, i.e. to win the “White House.” We offer you the best place to buy board games online. Shop for this exciting board game today!

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