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Best Puzzle Game to play with family | 2020-The Game Puzzle

Studies have proven that playing jigsaw puzzles can improve visual-spatial perception and reasoning Why? Because it is the process of assembling puzzle pieces which requires focus, improves short-term memory and problem solving. Both adults and chil

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Play Board games Online During Quarantine

Meeting friends has become a bit difficult since the first outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the obligation to isolate in quarantine, which has been implemented almost everywhere in the world; That forced us to stay at home. But with the length of

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How does the game 2020 involve mathematical thinking?

When a board game is presented as a game that involves mathematical thinking, I am always eager to try it out, to know its secrets. I always love the unknown and pledge to myself that I will know how to solve it. There are many best buy board games t

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9 Quick Tips About New Board Games

When you want to learn a new board game, there are many steps and methods that you must follow if you want to learn effectively before the best 5-Player Board Games. There are a lot of people having a hard time figuring out and understanding the way

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Introducing 2020 – The Game!

Now, if there is one thing that we think everyone can agree on, it’s that 2020 sucked! From the global pandemic to civil unrest, those twelve months will be remembered by everyone as a year to forget… or will it? After a year of staring into our

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Rules & Challenges of 2020-The Game: One of the Best Adventure Board Games

Playing board games adds joy to life. They bring some remarkable life-changing benefits as they challenge your brain while keeping you entertained for several hours. There are many board games for teenagers and adults available online, but they all a

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Why Adventure Board Games Are Worth Playing?

Though mobile games have been at the forefront for the last decade, indoor games are still the best option for fun and spending some quality time with family and friends. The best thing about indoor games such as board games is that anyone can play