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How does the game 2020 involve mathematical thinking?

When a board game is presented as a game that involves mathematical thinking, I am always eager to try it out, to know its secrets. I always love the unknown and pledge to myself that I will know how to solve it.

There are many best buy board games that apply explicit math with cards with math problems that the player has to solve, but I find them far from fun and rather visibly boring, they lack giving the player an opportunity to choose between different actions or pre-planning or even strategic planning in the game, it only allows players to practice and solve mathematical formulas.

Playing board games adds joy to life and gives you a chance to spend some fun time with your family and friends, so the game doesn’t have to be just numbers and formulas, and one of the best buy board games is The Game – 2020, in which you can experience the beauty of mathematics all around you Whether with your family, children or even with your friends. This game helps you solve multi-step problems, recognize patterns, how to manage resources, and other things that require a bit of mathematical thinking.


Introduction to the game – 2020

People have forgotten the fun in board games, as they were limited to playing on mobile phones, going shopping or going to the club, but since the beginning of the global epidemic and what we have been exposed to, we have been forced to sit at home and the scales turned on everyone in general, so many people indulged in social media, but it does not add anything to them and many felt bored and upset.

So the game – 2020 was created, the game allows you to experience the beautiful moments with your family and go into a fun adventure.

This one-of-a-kind game is suitable for those aged 13 or over. Players face a range of challenges as they play, including many trials that many faced in 2020.


How Mathematical Thinking Can Be Used in The Game – 2020

Before you know how to use computational thinking in the game, you have to understand its rules, which are:

The game needs at least two players as a minimum, and it can reach up to six players as a maximum, each player must choose his own piece and put it on the side that says Welcome to 2020 and from here your journey will begin.

There’s the decision to roll the dice, and it’s a decision you make every round, and the consequences aren’t that great most of the time, so you’re more likely to roll the dice straight away when it’s your turn without much thought.

The Game – 2020 provides fun for players, but it also provides a good training environment to learn business management and plans through mathematical thinking, where players can learn many rules of business and projects.

In business management, you are always faced with a set of decisions, some of which are strategic and some of them are routine. You always have to determine what is strategic and what is normal, and then study the results and implications of the strategic decisions to take; Lots of errors happen in the implementation of the decision, even if it is correct in its entirety, and the same way in the game 2020.

Where you will play the game through different challenges that you will definitely face, and through those challenges you will be able to collect the largest possible number of votes, and the challenges of the game 2020 include the following:


  • A global pandemic
  • Civil unrest
  • Emergency lockdown
  • An international toilet paper shortage
  • The invasion of murder hornets
  • Wildfire


At the beginning of the game 2020, the game board is empty, no one has put their own piece, so all the votes are available to all players.

The electoral votes start decreasing round by round, as each player begins to acquire the spaces they can reach, and continues until the piece rests on the board, and each player’s share is determined.

Each player has a role in rolling the dice and through the numbers that appear with him he will have to number the spaces based on the number that appeared, through which he will have to keep track of the electoral votes.

Rolling the dice is based on luck in the beginning, but what you do in mathematical thinking is based on you and your intelligence.

If a space obligates a player that they will lose electoral votes, they must be deducted from the count and vice versa. If they are rewarded by adding a number of votes, players must follow the instructions for each space they land after the dice are rolled.

Suppose the dice sends its player into quarantine; In this case he has to follow the game path down the board and this is counted as one space and 25 electoral votes will be deducted from your vote list.

If you reach the You’ve Got COVID space, you also have to deduct 25 electoral votes from your points. If you reach the Cat 3 Hurricane space, Shelter in Place you must deduct 10 electoral votes from your points.

You should also follow the path of Corona Coaster 2020 and here you will be faced with two path options in zeros. You can think carefully in this case and choose either of the two paths to return to the game board.

The player has to move around the circumference of the board clockwise but Penn State does not count as an area unless the player is sent across the course of the game 2020. It is all about surviving the epidemic, putting out the forest fires, fighting the invasion of killer hornets and overcoming the lack of toilet. 

All the steps and strategies that are taken must be carefully thought out and the strategies taken, players must focus on collecting something and be patient until they win the game. They must work focused and without distraction, trying to secure the 270 electoral votes they need to take over the White House and win the game for their friends and family.

It is one of best buy board games that you should try with your family to have fun together.

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