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Play Board games Online During Quarantine

2020 the game

Meeting friends has become a bit difficult since the first outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the obligation to isolate in quarantine, which has been implemented almost everywhere in the world; That forced us to stay at home.

But with the length of time we spend in isolation inside our homes and isolated from the outside world, it becomes very boring, not to sit with friends, which makes many nervous and always thinking negatively.

Previously we used to play with our friends and family a lot of games like board games that kill boredom, increase interaction and make the mood better, now we can’t do that physically due to the social distancing created by the Corona virus.

Scientific studies indicate that games are very useful for adults and children as it helps relieve stress and enhance well-being, and this is what we really need in our present time of nervousness and tension, where due to isolation and quarantine, everyone has become tense and do not want to be alone at home without friends.

Online games are not only useful for killing boredom, but also suitable for everyone to exercise the mind and tap into your competitive spirit and connect with friends and family, especially in the age of social distancing, it can be a virtual gaming night with your loved ones, rather than playing your favorite board games alone, as it Not suitable for individual play, games are a special activity for an ideal quarantine and distraction to address negative thoughts and anxiety.

At the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus, we were playing with friends and talking lightly and mockingly about the virus. We could not imagine that it could create the distance that is happening with us now and prevents us from gatherings, and now that time has passed we are confined to our homes and we cannot go out and play together.

But there is always an alternative; It is now possible to play fun board games online with your friends and family, even if you live in a different city or country, as the Internet is close to the distances between everyone.

I want to give you an alternative way to play fun board games with your friends through the internet, since not everyone is familiar with board games or how to use the internet properly, I want to help people communicate all the information to them in a simple way that enables them to have an open mind about How to have fun with friends and family while they are socially apart.

On the other hand, there are very few people who are well versed in games and know how to take advantage of them in these circumstances to spend hours playing their favorite board games.


Board games on the phone

There are many websites with asynchronous games where you can take your turn at your convenience.

This gives you plenty of time to learn while playing, and fits in with the spare moments of your day. You can play with your friends together by sending them an invite link. It is more designed for long play over a series of hours or days.

There is a downside to the player that they have to take a long time to play, but the plus side is that the games are free and work on anything using a web browser. It provides entertainment for you and your friends.

These apps can be a little slow, because touch will never be as fast as your hands in real life, but this semi-tactile aspect is a bit fun.

And the best one of this type is Ludo, it’s one of the best board games of the 90s that we find is now available on Android and iOS platforms.

It is played by one to four players as a maximum. The game consists of 4 shapes for each player.

The dice are used to move these shapes from the assigned houses around the board from which he starts and the first player to enter all four of his shapes is called the king of ludo, the game does not need to be professional but is just for fun.


Board games on the table

When a website or app doesn’t give the same sense of fun in a board game as in reality, it’s best for the player to put the board game on the surface of something and start playing.

There is no game logic or rules that are automatically implemented like a video game. Instead, there are only virtual pieces that you can look at and move around.

You can only move your hand by default to shuffle cards, move shapes, move tiles and roll dice.

You can buy different best board games which are easy to set up, easy to play and still very fun to date, as they are suitable for all age groups, this way you can spend some quality time with your friends, even if someone is not familiar with board games.

But before diving into it, I suggest you and your friends find a way to talk to each other while playing online, and one of the important and fast programs that will help you play faster and more effectively is Zoom or Skype.


The best board games

The Game – 2020

This game is completely different from any board game out there now, why? Because it was designed in 2020 – the year that the Corona virus appeared, the game places all its rules on the virus and the challenges we faced during the pandemic.

The game depends on intelligence and how to get rid of those challenges to win the game and get rid of the epidemic.

The game is suitable for those who are 13 years old and over, you can buy best board games and play it with your friends online by opening the zoom program and asking them which direction they want to take in the game, all you have to do is move them.

The game – 2020 has been completely designed to help you meet up with friends and family, whether you are in the same place together or online.



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