Official Rules

  • Place the game board on the table
  • Each player chooses a game piece and places it on the Welcome to 2020 Start board space
  • Players keep track of their electoral votes on a tally sheet
  • Players take turns rolling the dice and move their game piece the number of spaces rolled on the dice
  • If a player lands on the You’re in Quarantine space or is sent to it, they MUST follow the 2020 game path downward on the board, otherwise it is counted as 1 space and players proceed to the next space (Maine)
  • Players are to proceed around the perimeter of the board in a clockwise motion
  • Players are not to count Pennsylvania as a space (along the perimeter) unless being sent through the 2020 game path
  • Player then adds the number of electoral votes listed on the space they landed on to their tally sheet
  • If the space the player lands on says lose votes, player then deducts that amount from their tally sheet
  • If the player doesn’t have enough votes on their tally sheet to deduct that number of votes, they must be totaled in the negative
  • Players follow instructions for each space landed on for their roll
  • Players roll again if they roll doubles (unlimited number of times)