2020-The Game The Introduction

The main object of 2020-The Game is to be the first player to collect 270 Electoral Votes to win the White House.

Players will encounter challenges around every turn and have to navigate their way through a global pandemic, wildfires, the invasion of murder hornets, civil unrest, an international toilet paper shortage, emergency lockdowns and more! Just when you think you’re in the lead, everything changes from one roll to the next.

You may have made it through 2020, but can you survive 2020-The Game?

Game Pieces

A player's representative on the gameboard made out of 3D printing showcasing scale models of the following elements.


The White House

Donkey Image


Elephant Image


Covid Image


Toilet Paper Image

Toilet Paper

flag image

American Flag

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Learn How To Play

HowToPlay Image
HowToPlay Image

Key Features

Board Game
Original Board

Original concept of board game referring to events of 2020

Board Game
Family friendly

Wonderful game to play with family for fun times

Board Game
Multiplayer game

A perfect game suitable for 2 to 6 players

Board Game
For All Age groups

Suitable for wide range of age groups starting from 13 years and above

Board Game

Board Game
Event Cards

Draw the event card to choose your destiny in the game

What People Say

Play the digital version of 2020 The Game.

Navigate your way through the challenges of wildfires, murder hornets and nationwide lockdowns!

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