30/05/2021 | Written by:Penny | Blogs

Introducing 2020 – The Game!

Now, if there is one thing that we think everyone can agree on, it’s that 2020 sucked! From the global pandemic to civil unrest, those twelve months will be remembered by everyone as a year to forget… or will it?

After a year of staring into our screens, we think it’s time to put down those smartphones and inject some real-life excitement back into our lives! That is why we have developed an all-new exhilarating adventure board game that lets you play through the whirlwind twelve months as you race to win the 270 electoral votes you need to win the White House.

What is 2020 – The Game?

If you are tired of spending all your time in front of a computer screen, we know how you feel. That is why we have created 2020 – The Game to be a unique new challenge that lets you play with up to six players in real life!

The completely authentic game has been designed to help you get together with friends and family in a fun adventure. Suitable for those aged 13 and over, the one-of-a-kind game sees players encounter an array of challenges as they play through the many trials and tribulations that 2020 served up.

Whether it’s surviving the pandemic, overcoming the shortage of toilet paper, putting out wildfires, or batting off an invasion of murder hornets, 2020 – The Game has it all. Players will take turns working their way across the board, trying to secure the 270 electoral votes they need to take the White House and win the game.

Looking for a new challenge?

If you are looking for a fun activity to play with your friends and family, then try 2020 – The Game today. This completely unique new game is available to pre-order now, so head over and get yours today!

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