Karen Cantor
Oct 6 ·9:24 PM

What better way t han a fun board game to bring together friends and family to laugh off the trials and tribulations of 2020. Great gift for the holidays. Very clever and you can tellalot of thought went into it ‘s creation.

Jacqueline Crandall
Sep 14 ·5:12 PM

A race for the Presidency! What a ride this game is! Up to 6 players, it’s great for the family or even adult’s night. First to 270 Electoral votes wins, you gain and lose votes, get quarantined, lockdown, and the cards are hilarious! I even heard there’s going to be an expansion pack for 2021! Made in the USA Highly recommended. The puzzles are great for the mind as well. Thank you to the creator, Penny! Very entertaining!

Anthony James
Sep 14 ·1:39 PM

This is a very cool way to have a great time with family and friends at hone or on the go. Helps teach kids to add and subtract and become more familiar with our voting system. Just when you think your gonna win it could all change. I was -63 points before I got positive points. And also a great gift for the hard to buy for folks out there.

Hayden Taylor
Sep 14 ·1:34 PM

Awesome game. Incorporates all of the happenings of 2020 and makes it fun for all ages! Definitely recommend.

Christopher Zarcadoolas
Sep 14 ·2:59 PM

A game with historical relevance, pizzaz, and pop! Fun to play with my whole family- no matter their political party. Would recommend 10/10

Nicole Zarcadoolas
Sep 14 ·1:29 PM

Most fun I’ve had in years!!! Love this game!!
Sep 14 ·1:29 PM